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Japanese Patent JPH0772226
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A thermoplastic polyester-carbonate resin containing in the polymer chain, divalent moieties of the formula:- wherein R represents aliphatic hydrocarbyl of from 1 to 9 carbon atoms, inclusive, halogen substituted aliphatic hydrocarbyl of 1 to 9 carbon atoms, inclusive, aralkyl of 7 to 10 carbon atoms, inclusive and halogen sub­stituted aralkyl of 7 to 10 carbon atoms, inclusive; a and b are each whole number integers of from 0 to 1; and the sum of a + b is 1 and wherein there are suffi­cient linkages of formula I to lower the glass transi­tion temperature of the polymer.

Niels Richard Rosenquist
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Publication Date:
August 02, 1995
Filing Date:
December 26, 1986
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General Electric Company
International Classes:
C07D323/00; C07D327/00; C08G63/64; C08G64/20; D01F6/64; (IPC1-7): C08G63/64
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Tokunji Ikunuma