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Japanese Patent JPH0786857
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PURPOSE:To make a highly natural conversation by adequately converting an operation indication, which is inputted by using a natural language sentence, into a command having semantic contents shown in the natural language sentence by properly extracting the localized knowledge of a part matching the topic. CONSTITUTION:A topic estimation part 4 estimates a topic at each point of time of a conversation that the natural language sentence indicates according to the analytic results of analysis parts 1-3. A command conversion part 5 while localizing knowledge regarding an object of operation stored previously in a knowledge base 6 according to the analytic results of the natural language sentence by the respective analysis parts 1-3 and information on the topic at each point of time of the conversion found by the topic estimation part 4 converts the natural language sentence into the command used by an information processing system by referring to the localized knowledge and outputs it to the information processing system. Consequently, the natural conversion based upon the natural language with the information processing system becomes possible.

Kazuo Sumita
Teruhiko Ukita
Kimura Kazuhiro
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Publication Date:
September 20, 1995
Filing Date:
October 22, 1990
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Director of Industrial Technology
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G06F3/02; G06F9/44; G06F15/00; G06F17/27; G06N5/04; (IPC1-7): G06F15/00; G06F9/44; G06F17/27
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Hidekazu Miyoshi