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Japanese Patent JPH0811521
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PURPOSE:To prevent surely a key from being allowed to remain with simple constitution by providing a magnetism sensitive switch closed when a magnet key is inserted in a key cylinder lock of a vehicle to give an alarm on the basis of the output of a door switch when the key is allowed to remain inserted. CONSTITUTION:When a magnet key 7 having a key body 7a provided on the upper portion with a plurality of magnets g1, g2 is inserted in a key hole 8 of a key cylinder lock 1, a plurality of magnet pin tumblers 9a, 9b accommodated in a bore of an outer tube member 2 and a groove of an inner tube member 5 of the key cylinder lock 1 spring up against a spring 10 with a magnetic repulsion force to close a magnetism sensitive switch 11. While the magnetism sensitive switch 11 is closed, when a door of a vehicle is opened, a door switch 12 is turned on and an alarm 14 such as a buzzer connected in series to both switches 11, 12 is blown to alarm that the magnet key 7 is being inserted into the key cylinder lock 1.

和気 清靖
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February 07, 1996
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December 18, 1989
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E05B45/06; B60Q5/00; B60Q9/00; B60R25/10; B60R25/104; B60R25/20; E05B83/00; E05B83/36; (IPC1-7): B60R25/10; B60Q5/00; E05B45/06; E05B65/20
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三浦 光康