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Japanese Patent JPH08500432
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A scanning system (10) for inspecting a surface (16) including a light source (30) which generates a beam of light (32) that is reflected, scattered or causes fluorescence at the surface to be inspected. An optical interface (14) receives the beam of light and directs it along a predetermined path extending to and from the surface. An acousto-optic tunable filter (34) tuned to pass light having a wavelength corresponding to a known optical property of a predetermined material is positioned within the path of light. A detector (42) is positioned to receive light emanating from the surface and is configured to monitor the intensity of light at each predetermined wavelength being monitored and generate a corrsponding signal. The system is preferably attached to a scan board (90) thereby enabling the system to be used in scanning a surface. The system also includes a signal processor (22) which processes the signal generated by the detector. The resulting data is displayed by an output device (26).

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Publication Date:
January 16, 1996
Filing Date:
April 23, 1993
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G01B11/30; F02K9/96; G01B11/06; G01N21/17; G01N21/21; G01N21/31; G01N21/64; G01N21/88; G01N21/93; G01N21/94; G01J3/12; G01N21/59; G01N21/84; (IPC1-7): G01B11/30; F02K9/96; G01N21/21; G01N21/88
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湯浅 恭三 (外6名)