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Japanese Patent JPH08501113
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The selectivity of a midbarrel hydrocracking process for middle distillates is significantly increased by using a catalyst containing a Y zeolite that has been exchanged with rare earth cations. The rare earth-exchanged Y zeolite has a unit cell size below 24.45 angstroms and/or a water vapor sorptive capacity less than 10 weight percent at 25 DEG C. and a p/po value of 0.1.

Ward, John W.
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Publication Date:
February 06, 1996
Filing Date:
April 19, 1993
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Union, Oil, Company, Of, California
International Classes:
B01J29/10; B01J29/08; C10G47/16; C10G47/20; (IPC1-7): C10G47/16; B01J29/10; C10G47/20
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Kazuo Sato (2 outside)