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Japanese Patent JPH08501247
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PCT No. PCT/EP93/01850 Sec. 371 Date Jan. 13, 1995 Sec. 102(e) Date Jan. 13, 1995 PCT Filed Jul. 14, 1993 PCT Pub. No. WO94/02239 PCT Pub. Date Feb. 3, 1994.A disc-shaped mixing tool (11) is used to mix liquids and to dissolve gases in liquids. The mixing tool (11) has a knife-sharp peripheral edge and several axial through bores (17), so that a liquid stream in the form of several cyclones (25) occurs upon rotation of the mixing tool (11). The bores (17) are each conically bevelled both on the upper and on the lower sides (13, 15) and are axially rounded off in the region (27) between the bevels in such a way that a radial airfoil profile (21) and, in a peripheral direction between adjacent bores (17), a peripheral airfoil profile (23) each result. Upon flowing through the bores (17) the liquid is spun radially outwards, resulting in tiny cavitation bubbles at the peripheral edge (19).

Porter, Gunter
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February 13, 1996
Filing Date:
July 14, 1993
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Pee Pui Bell Waltungs Age
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B01F27/93; (IPC1-7): B01F7/26
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Yaichi Watanabe

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