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Japanese Patent JPH08504335
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A catheter comprising a flexible elongate tubular member having proximal and distal extremities. A deflection tip is carried by the distal extremity of the flexible elongate member and has a curved deflecting surface. The flexible elongate member has a plurality of lumens therein extending through the distal extremity of the flexible elongate member and opening onto the curved deflecting surface of the deflecting tip. A plurality of arms are slidably mounted in the lumens. Each of the arms has a plurality of electrodes spaced-apart longitudinally thereon. A control mechanism is secured to the proximal extremity of the flexible elongate member and is coupled to the plurality of arms for moving the distal extremities of the arms into engagement with the deflection tip to cause the arms to deflect proximally and outwardly from the deflection tip.

イムラン ミア エイ
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Publication Date:
May 14, 1996
Filing Date:
November 18, 1993
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カーディアック パスウェイズ コーポレイション
International Classes:
A61B5/296; A61B18/04; A61B18/14; A61N1/05; (IPC1-7): A61B5/0408; A61B5/0402; A61B5/0478; A61B5/0492; A61B17/38
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中村 稔 (外6名)