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Japanese Patent JPH08505874
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The present invention relates to antibacterial agents of the carbapenem class, in which the 2-position sidechain is characterized by a phenanthridine moiety typically having a substituent attached to the nitrogen of the phenanthridine and substituted at other positions by various neutral substituents. When there is substitution on the nitrogen of the phenathridine moiety that nitrogen is a charged quaternary nitrogen.

Frank Pea, Dinino
Green Lee, Mark Elle
Reino, Thomas A
Lee, Wendy
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Publication Date:
June 25, 1996
Filing Date:
January 03, 1994
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Merck End Company, Inc.
International Classes:
C07D477/00; A61K31/395; A61K31/397; A61P31/04; C07D477/14; C07D519/00; (IPC1-7): C07D477/00; A61K31/395
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yoshio Kawaguchi (2 outside)