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Japanese Patent JPH08510636
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This invention relates to retroviral vectors that express multiple polypeptide subunits of a eukaryotic protein from a single polycistronic mRNA and the proteins produced from these vectors. The expressed proteins are particularly useful for inducing transplantation tolerance and the vectors are useful as agents for mediating gene transfer into eukaryotic cells.

Lugan, Christian A.
Seed, brian
Bannergie, Peas Tea.
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Publication Date:
November 12, 1996
Filing Date:
January 17, 1994
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Biotransplant, Incorporated
The General Hospital Corporation
International Classes:
A61K31/70; A61K35/12; A61K35/76; A61K38/00; A61K48/00; A61P37/06; C07K14/74; C12N5/10; C12N7/01; C12N15/79; C12N15/867; C12P21/02; C12N15/09; C12R1/91; C12R1/92; (IPC1-7): C12N15/09; C12N5/10; C12P21/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Hiroyuki Niwa