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Japanese Patent JPH09506882
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Compound of general formula I wherein A denotes a benzo, indolo or thienyl group; B denotes the group -O-, -S- or -CHR5-, wherein R5 is hydrogen, (C1-6)alkyl, phenyl or benzyl; R3 denotes 2- or 3-thienyl, (C4-7)cycloalkyl, (C4-6)cycloalkyl(C1-5)alkyl or wherein R is (C1-4)alkyl, hydroxy, -N3, halogen (F, Cl, Br, I), CF3 or (C1-4)alkoxy, u is 0, 1, 2 or 3, and m, R2, R4, R7, R8 and R9 are as defined in the specification, as well as pharmaceutical preparations containing these compounds and the pharmaceutical use thereof.

Loin Otto
Lazel Walther
Arunz Dietrich
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Publication Date:
July 08, 1997
Filing Date:
December 14, 1994
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Boehringer Ingelheim Commande Gesell Shaft
International Classes:
A61K31/47; A61K31/472; A61P9/00; A61P25/28; A61P29/00; C07D217/14; C07D217/16; C07D217/18; C07D409/06; C07D409/12; (IPC1-7): C07D217/18; A61K31/47; C07D409/06
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Minoru Nakamura (7 outside)