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Japanese Patent JPH09509890
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A dual fluid spray nozzle adapted to produce a finely atomized spray of a liquid includes a body which encloses a first atomization chamber, a nozzle tip, and a plate disposed between the first atomization chamber and the nozzle tip so as define a second atomization chamber. The plate defines a plurality of passages through which liquid passes from the first atomization chamber into the second atomization chamber and is further atomized. The nozzle may include a plurality of plates and more than two atomization chambers. In such embodiments, each plate has a reduced total cross-sectional area of passages relative to the preceding plate.

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Weaver, Edwin, H.
Vicard Jean-Francois
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Publication Date:
October 07, 1997
Filing Date:
December 29, 1995
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Love S.A.
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B05B7/00; B05B7/04; B05B7/08; (IPC1-7): B05B7/04
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Kobayashi Koji