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Japanese Patent JPH09510518
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A fuel filter comprises a head (10, 96) having an inlet (14, 100) and an outlet (16,102). The head has a pumping portion (18, 104) which includes a vertically extending stepped bore (46, 120) having movable bodies (86, 88; 132, 140) therein. The fluid area between the bodies (54, 126) is connected to a variable volume area (77, 160). The head is connected to an element (98, 266) by a nipple portion (186) which has a valve element (196) therein. An actuating projection (222, 272) is engagable with said valve element to open flow through said nipple portion when the correct element is attached thereto. The failure of the nipple portion to sufficiently extend in the element, which occurs when an improper element is attached, prevents flow through the nipple portion and renders the filter inoperable. The actuating projection is further supported on a central portion (220, 276) which prevents connection to a nipple portion that extends too far into the element. As a result, only the proper element may be mounted to the head.

クラウセン,マイケル ディ.
ジェンセン,ラッセル ディ.
ストーン,ウォルター エイチ.
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Publication Date:
October 21, 1997
Filing Date:
October 18, 1994
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パーカー ハニフィン コーポレイション
International Classes:
B01D17/00; B01D17/02; B01D21/00; B01D27/06; B01D27/07; B01D27/08; B01D29/15; B01D29/21; B01D35/02; B01D35/147; B01D35/153; B01D35/157; B01D36/00; F02M31/125; F02M37/16; F02M37/22; F02B3/06; (IPC1-7): F02M37/22; B01D27/08; B01D35/02
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山本 秀策