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Japanese Patent JPH10507503
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A keyless locking mechanism for use in a door. An operator activates the system by means of a portable remote handheld controller (900, 1000) which transmits coded signals to a door lock device (29). The electronic and electromechanical device components are mounted within the void or hollow portions of existing door locking apparatus, such as within the hollow interior doorknob (30), or hollow cylindrical sleeve latch actuators, or beneath the interior rose or escutcheon plates. A sensor (510) or receiver/antenna is mounted within the outer doorknob receives and forwards the coded signals to a processor which compares them with a stored signal. If a match is made, the processor generates control signals for the electromechanical device, which acts solely along or about the locking axis to enable or disable the door locking assembly, according to the command initiated by the operator.

ティッシェンドーフ アンドリュー
シュルツ ケニース
リーマン ゲアリー
アンドレオー ディーモス
グレイザー アリ
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Publication Date:
July 21, 1998
Filing Date:
May 28, 1996
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マスター ロック カンパニー
International Classes:
E05B49/00; E05B47/00; E05B47/06; G07C9/00; H04Q9/00; E05B41/00; E05B55/00; (IPC1-7): E05B49/00; H04Q9/00
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中村 稔 (外6名)