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Japanese Patent JPH10511399
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This invention relates to an assay for molecules capable of interacting with cytokine receptor intracellular peptides, and to peptides suitable for use in said assay. The peptides correspond to tyrosine-containing regions of the sequence of an intracellular domain of a cytokine, a hormone receptor or a JAK Protein Tyrosine Kinase, and comprise a tyrosine which is able to be phosphorylated. In phosphorylated form, the peptides are able to bind cytoplasmic transcription factors of the STAT family.

Wilkes, Andrew, Frederick
Vander Houven, Henry Justus Herman
Domers, Jimmy A.
Lachman, Martin
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Publication Date:
November 04, 1998
Filing Date:
December 22, 1995
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Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
International Classes:
C07K1/00; C07K14/52; C07K14/71; C07K14/715; C07K14/72; C07K19/00; G01N33/566; C12N9/12; G01N33/15; G01N33/53; (IPC1-7): C07K19/00; C07K14/71; C07K14/715; C07K14/72; G01N33/15; G01N33/566
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Osamu Kitamura (1 person outside)