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Japanese Patent JPH10513198
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A composition comprising a crystalline NSAID having polyvinylpyrrolidone adsorbed on the surface thereof in an amount sufficient to maintain an effective average particle size of less than about 1000 nm, hygroscopic sugar and sodium lauryl sulfate exhibit greatly reduced gastric irritation following oral administration and/or hastened onset of action due to the substantial redispersion of the solid formulation to nanoparticles in gastric fluid.

Eikhoff, W., Mark
The Engers, David A.
Mueller, Karl Earl.
Application Number:
Publication Date:
December 15, 1998
Filing Date:
January 18, 1996
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Nano Systems Limited Liability Company
International Classes:
A61K9/50; A61K9/14; A61K9/16; A61K9/18; A61K31/19; A61K31/405; A61K31/60; A61K47/30; A61P29/00; (IPC1-7): A61K9/50; A61K31/19; A61K31/405; A61K31/60; A61K47/30
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Takashi Ishida (3 others)