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Japanese Patent JPH11502274
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A method for making a composite material by continuously depositing glass yarns on a moving substrate, at least 80 wt % of the yarns being blended yarns consisting of intimately mixed glass filaments and thermoplastic organic material filaments, and the amount of deposited glass being equal to over 40 wt % of the total amount of material deposited in the form of glass yarns and organic material; transferring the combined glass yarns and organic material to a number of areas where they are heated, compressed and cooled, and specifically heated and/or cooled while simultaneously being compressed; and cutting the resulting assembly into plates or winding it onto a revolving drum.

Debarm, Jean-Paul
Rubinou, Dominique
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Publication Date:
February 23, 1999
Filing Date:
January 17, 1997
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Vetrotex France Societe Anonymous
International Classes:
B29B15/10; B29C70/50; D04H1/00; D04H1/40; D04H1/4218; D04H3/004; D04H3/005; D04H13/00; D04H17/00; (IPC1-7): D04H3/00; D04H17/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Soga Doteru (6 people outside)

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