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Japanese Patent JPH11508975
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A paper machine for manufacturing a web of soft crepe paper comprises a wet end (1) having at least one forming wire (4) for forming and supporting a web (7), and a drying section (2) with a through drying machine (13), a drying cylinder (17) and a perforated belt (19) running around a through-blow cylinder of the through drying machine and a transfer roll (21) at the drying cylinder, the web running through the through drying machine being exposed to drying air after its transfer from the forming wire. The belt (19) and the web (7) move from the through drying machine (13) to the drying cylinder (17) in a run that is free from mechanical means which would compress the web, whereby in said run the surface of the web which is exposed to the drying air faces away from the belt and remains free from contact with such means up to the drying cylinder.

ミーレン ハリー インゲマル
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Publication Date:
August 03, 1999
Filing Date:
May 30, 1996
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ヴァルメト カルルスタッド アクチボラゲット
International Classes:
D21F5/18; D21F9/02; D21F11/14; (IPC1-7): D21F9/02; D21F5/18
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中村 稔 (外6名)