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Japanese Patent JPH11512109
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PCT No. PCT/FR96/01349 Sec. 371 Date Mar. 3, 1998 Sec. 102(e) Date Mar. 3, 1998 PCT Filed Apr. 9, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO97/09303 PCT Pub. Date Mar. 13, 1997An alpha -hydrazino acid derivative of general formula (I) is described, wherein R1, R2, R3 are hydrogen or a carbon radical, such that when R2 and R3 are different, C* is an asymmetric carbon of L, D or DL configuration, and R4 and R5 are a protecting group, characterized in that R4 is a benzyl ArCH2 radical of formula (a), wherein Ar is a phenyl radical or phenyl substituted by one or more X groups; X being hydrogen, halogen, a nitro or alkyl radical; and in that R5 is a Y-O-CO group, where Y is a carbon radical different from R4.

Corrette, Andre
Joel Vidal
Hannachi, Jean-Christopher
Ghee roll
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Publication Date:
October 19, 1999
Filing Date:
September 04, 1996
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C07C281/02; C07C317/48; C07D209/20; C07D233/54; C07D233/64; C07K1/107; C07K5/062; (IPC1-7): C07C281/02; C07C317/48; C07D209/20; C07D233/64; C07K5/062
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Masatake Shiga (1 person outside)