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Japanese Patent JPS4020820
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1,039,396. Two-part couplings. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION. May 29, 1964 [June 28, 1963], No. 22284/64. Heading H2E. A device for holding together and mech anic ally assisting the engagement and disengagement of the mating halves of a multi-contact electrical connector comprises a spring on one half which can grip a pillar on the other half and bring the halves into mating relationship. In the embodiment shown in Fig. 1, the pillar 23 is gripped by the walls of a hole 31 in a leaf spring 30 when the leaf spring is oblique to the pillar so that the spring can draw the two connector halves, carrying contacts 17, 18, together. In a second embodiment (Fig. 6, not shown), a wedge-shaped collar 62 under the action of a coil spring 65 is arranged to lock against a grooved portion 64 of the pillar when the upper surface of the collar 62 is oblique to the pillar. The pillar in each embodiment is adjustably screw-mounted on the connector half, 20, and the locking spring is held in a " pistol-grip " frame, 22 or 61 in the respective embodiment, mounted on the mating connector half 21. The depression of a pivoted lever 36 (Fig. 1), or 56 (Fig. 6), against the spring action unlocks the device. To disengage the connector halves, a further depression of the lever causes a projection 41 (Fig. 1), or 71 (Fig. 6), to bear against the end of the pillar, providing leverage. To engage the connector halves the lever is released to lock the device, the mating of the two halves then being effected by the spring action.

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September 15, 1965
Filing Date:
June 17, 1964
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H01R13/62; H01R13/629