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Japanese Patent JPS4953699
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Organosilicone polymers are provided which comprise polysiloxane-polyoxyalkylene block copolymers wherein the polysiloxane blocks are trialkylsiloxy-endblocked and contain reoccurring difunctional dialkylsiloxy monomeric units in combination with reoccurring difunctional cyanoalkyl-alkylsiloxy or cyanoalkoxy-alkylsiloxy monomeric units, the mol ratio of the dialkylsiloxy units to the cyano-substituted siloxy units being about 10-200:3-100, and wherein the polysiloxane and polyoxyalkylene blocks are joined through an Si-C or an Si-O-C linkage, and from about 20 to about 65 weight per cent of the oxyalkylene units of the polyoxyalkylene blocks are constituted of oxy-ethylene units. The block copolymers of the invention are effective stabilizers of flexible polyether polyol-based polyurethane foams and offer particular advantage in the formation of flame-retarded foams. Also provided is a particular class of cyano-substituted polyalkylsiloxane hydrides which are useful in the preparation of the aforesaid block copolymers.

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May 24, 1974
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August 10, 1973
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C08G18/00; C08G77/00; C08G77/46; C08J9/00; C08L83/00; C08L83/04; (IPC1-7): C08G31/24

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