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Japanese Patent JPS50142474
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Electrode arrangement for electrochemical cells. A deformable sandwich structure (working electrode, insulator, secondary electrode, insulator) forms a primary electrode arrangement. A three-dimensional structure can be formed by rolling up the primary sandwich structure around and axis. The shapes and material structures of electrodes and insulators co-operate with each other to enable axial and/or radial flow of an electrolyte which is pumped through the electrode roll. With such electrode rolls a high ratio of electrode surface to cell volume can be attained. Furthermore, by mounting one or more of the electrode rolls on a hollow axle and pumping the electrolyte through orifices of the axle from its interior into the electrode rolls, the scale-up of current and voltage of a cell is considerably facilitated and advantageously achieved.

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November 17, 1975
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March 31, 1975
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C07H9/04; C25B3/02; C25B9/00; C25B9/06; C25B9/08; C25B11/02; (IPC1-7): C07C51/26; C07C121/18; C07H9/04; C25B9/00; C25B11/00

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