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Japanese Patent JPS5160253
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This invention relates to multi-shaft screw extruders in which the screw shafts are arranged to intermesh in pairs and rotate pairwise in the same sense, each shaft of a pair having at least one double threaded or triple threaded pressure build-up section corresponding to that of the other shaft. This invention also relates to a method of using such an extruder to build up pressure within a material with a minimum pressure build-up section and a minimum power input. The extruder and its method of operation are characterized by the fact that at least a portion of the pressure build-up section satisfies WHEREIN T IS THE SCREW PITCH, D IS THE INTERNAL DIAMETER OF THE HOUSING, Q IS THE VOLUMETRIC THROUGHPUT OF MATERIAL OF A SCREW PAIR AND N IS THE SPEED OF ROTATION OF THE SCREW SHAFTS AND: +tr WHEREIN IN TRIPLE THREAD PRESSURE BUILD-UP SECTIONS A = 0.

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May 26, 1976
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September 26, 1975
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B29B7/00; B29B7/48; B29C48/405; F01C1/16; F04C2/16; (IPC1-7): B29F3/02