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Japanese Patent JPS5342095
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This invention relates to an apparatus for installing battery vent plug comprising a battery fixing means for fixing a battery, a vent plus holding means for holding a vent plug supplied from a vent plug supplying means, a vent plug catching means for catching the vent plug and bringing it to a vent of the battery, a vent plug screwing means for fitting the vent plug to the vent of the battery and a battery conveying means for conveying the battery fitted with the vent plug, said respective means being operatively connected with one another. This invention has an advantage that many vent plugs can be fitted to many batteries quickly at a high efficiency without requiring manual works so that the reduction of the cost of the product may be expected.

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Publication Date:
November 09, 1978
Filing Date:
November 20, 1973
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International Classes:
H01M2/36; B67B3/20; H01M2/00

Previous Patent: JPS5342094