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Japanese Patent JPS5663660
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A hydraulic reservoir for tandem master cylinder includes a body formed by upper, lower and side walls, two brake fluid reserving chambers formed by two partitioning walls in the body, and oblong passages formed by the side walls and ancillary walls integrally formed with the partitioning walls to make the two brake fluid reserving chambers communicate with each other, the oblong passages being open to the two brake fluid reserving chambers, respectively, having bottoms higher by a predetermined length than the lower wall, and having at least such length that a flow amount of brake fluid between the two brake fluid reserving chambers is limited to a predetermined value on the inclination of the brake fluid level relative to the body.

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May 28, 1981
Filing Date:
October 22, 1979
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B60T11/26; B60T17/22; (IPC1-7): B60T17/22; B60T11/26
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