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Japanese Patent JPWO2021112158
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A flight control system for an unmanned aerial vehicle comprises an unmanned aerial vehicle on which a reflector is mounted and a total station for tracking the reflector and for acquiring measurement data including three-dimensional coordinates of the reflector, wherein the total station comprises a tracking module for tracking the reflector, a TS-data transmitting module having an optical axis parallel or approximately parallel to a tracking optical axis of the tracking module and for emitting a TS-data transmitting light, and a TS-arithmetic control module, wherein the unmanned aerial vehicle has a photodetector for receiving the TS-data transmitting light and for emitting a photodetecting signal and a UAV-arithmetic control module for controlling a flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle, and wherein the TS-arithmetic control module is configured to superimpose the measurement data on the TS-data transmitting light, and the UAV-arithmetic control module is configured to separate the measurement data from the photodetecting signal and obtains a flight position of the unmanned aerial vehicle in real time.

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June 10, 2021
Filing Date:
December 03, 2020
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