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Japanese Patent JPWO2021145133
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EMI noise is reduced and a component mounting area is suppressed, and downsizing of a power supply device is achieved. Power supply device includes transistor block, gate drive circuit block, and driver block. First gate terminal and second gate terminal are disposed on the same side as gate drive circuit block when viewed from a center of transistor block. Two output terminals are disposed on the same side as transistor block when viewed from a center of gate drive circuit block. At least a part of first drain terminal is included in a region sandwiched between first source terminal and second source terminal. Second drain terminal is disposed at a position deviating from an extension region that extends the region sandwiched between the first source terminal and the second source terminal beyond second source terminal as viewed from first drain terminal.

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Publication Date:
July 22, 2021
Filing Date:
December 17, 2020
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