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Japanese Patent JPH0947656
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To prepare an adsorbent for selectively adsorbing very fine substances to be absorbed which are the same size as monomolecules by forming an inner core component from of a porous substance with pores, forming an outer skin layer from a resin material to form a bead absorption body.

An inner core component 2 is formed from porous substances such as wet active carbon powder and others having pores 1 which can absorb very fine substances to be adsorbed and which is the same size as monomolecules. An oxyester as a urethane resin raw material is added into naphtha and dispersed into the very fine particle shape by agitating at high speed, and active carbon is added thereto gradually to form the state that the oxyester very fine particles adhere to the active carbon powder surface. Then, a modified polyisocyanate is added and the urethane forming reaction is performed by using triethylamine as a catalyst. Then, water is added while the high speed agitation is carried out, and an excessive unreacted isocyanate functional group is reacted with water so that particles are not bonded to one another. Then, drying is carried out to remove naphtha, water and triethylamine, and the classification is carried out by a screen to prepare an adsorbent 5 composed of fine powder-like resin bead adsorption bodies 4.

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February 18, 1997
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August 05, 1995
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B01J20/26; B01J20/28; B01J31/02; (IPC1-7): B01J20/28; B01J20/26; B01J31/02
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Norio Kinoshita