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Japanese Patent JPH0658643
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PURPOSE: To increase an efficiency of adsorption and improve a freezing capability by a method wherein a heat exchanging means having screw vanes for transferring adsorptive agent to act as heat transfer fins at an outer circumference of a thermal medium flowing pipe with the thermal medium flowing pipe being applied as a rotating shaft is mounted each of an adsorptive chamber and a desorption chamber, respectively.

CONSTITUTION: Each of heat exchanging means 11 and 12 having screw vanes 31 and 32 for adsorbing and transferring adsorptive agent acting as heat transfer fins at an outer circumference of each of thermal medium flowing pipes 21 and 22 with the pipes through which thermal medium for performing either cooling or heating against adsorptive agent being applied as rotating shafts is mounted in an adsorbing chamber 1A and a desorbing chamber 2A. As each of the screw vanes 31 and 32 is rotated, adsorptive agent is transferred from one end side toward a predetermined transferring direction at the other end and heat exchanged efficiently with cooling medium flowing within the thermal medium flowing pipes 21 and 22 and then the adsorptive agent is circulated and transferred to acting chambers 1A and 2A at the other end through a first and a second communicating passages 3 and 4, respectively. Accordingly, a condensing efficiency of adsorptive agent and an evaporating efficiency can be improved and a cooling performance is improved.

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Publication Date:
March 04, 1994
Filing Date:
August 06, 1992
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F25B17/08; (IPC1-7): F25B17/08
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大浜 博