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Japanese Patent JP3540458
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device for which the number of parts is reduced and diassembly and assembly are easy while preventing the leakage of an agent by guiding a spout component by a joint component, sliding the same in the axial direction and setting the spout component removably on the joint component.
SOLUTION: A cylindrical body is of a given annular recessed double structure opening upward comprising an inner ring 29, an outer ring 30 and a bottom face 31 connecting the rings together. A joint component 6 is fitted removably in a filling container, and a double structure opening downward is formed by the joint component 6, an inner wall ring 21, an outer wall ring 20 and a top plate with an agent feed passage 22a to a comb assembly. Also a spout section 5 is set on the joint component 6 removably and slidably in the axial direction.

Nori Irie
Katto Kato
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July 07, 2004
Filing Date:
September 01, 1995
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Taisei Kako Co., Ltd.
Hoyu Co., Ltd.
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A45D19/02; A45D24/22; A45D24/24; A46B11/00; B05B9/04; B05B11/00; B65D83/14; B65D83/36; B65D83/40; (IPC1-7): B05B9/04; A45D24/22; B05B11/00; B65D83/40
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Shunichiro Suzuki
Haruo Deda