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Japanese Patent JP3742471
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To change setting and resetting states over to each other without increasing the number of components by effectuating control of alarm control means at the time of inputting a preliminary lock signal and nullifying control of the alarm control means at the time when the preliminary lock signal is not input before receiving a lock signal.
SOLUTION: A controller 1 is changed from a resetting state over to a setting state by operating an unlock switch 5b of a transmitter 5 on in a state where a door is closed, opening the door within five seconds of time (t) after this operation, closing the door within six seconds of the time (t) after opening the door and operating a lock switch 5a of the transmitter 5 on within seven seconds of the time (t) after closing the door. The controller 1 changed over to the setting state is changed over to the resetting state only as an unlock signal SG2 is input from a receiver 2 in accordance with on operation of the unlock switch 5b of the transmitter 5.

Akiyoshi Ohsumi
Fumihiro Matsuura
Manabe Shunichi
Nagai Hajime
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February 01, 2006
Filing Date:
December 09, 1996
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Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
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E05B45/00; B60R25/01; B60R25/10; B60R25/104; B60R25/23; B60R25/34; E05B49/00; E05B83/36; G08B21/00; (IPC1-7): B60R25/00; B60R25/10; E05B45/00; E05B65/20; G08B21/00
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Hironobu Onda