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Japanese Patent JPH11159008
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To provide a highly productive anchor whose dimensions can be changed easily without any deterioration in strength.

An anchor part 3, in which an approximate disc type protruded flange part 6 is integrally arranged in one end of a substantially columnar shape body part 5, is molded by cold/hot pressing. In one end of a support part 7 provided with a diameter substantially equal to that of the body part 5 and formed into a columnar substantially, a hanging part 4, in which a substantially columnar type support part 8 with a larger diameter is arranged coaxially substantially, is molded by cold pressing. The end parts of the body part 5 and the support part 7 are integrally connected together by flash/frictional welding, and an anchor 2 is formed when the connection part serving as a welding part 9 is finish machining. The anchor 2 is buried in a concrete block with the support part 8 exposed. For forming a longer anchor 2, a substantially columnar type connection part with approximately equal diameter is arranged between the body part 5 and the support part 7 so as to be connected to them and made as a welding part 9. The whole surface can be connected together uniformly, and strength approximately equal to that of an integrally molded one can be provided. Each component is compacted, and a length dimension can be properly set by changing the length dimension of the welding part 9, so that manufacturability and productivity can be improved.

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June 15, 1999
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November 27, 1997
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E04B1/41; (IPC1-7): E04B1/41
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樺澤 襄 (外2名)