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Japanese Patent JP3205526
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable the safe and sure implanting and holding of a closure device by forming a holding device which prevents the movement of an artificial closure implant from the closure section, such as aneurysm, in such a manner that the device has specific ends facing each other and that the device is diametrically expandable so as to form a barrier to the movement into the vascular cavity of the body.
SOLUTION: To close the aneurysm 4 of the blood vessel 2, a delivery catheter 10 is first inserted into the blood vessel 2 and plural blood vessel closure coils 8 are transplanted into the aneurysm 4 by using this delivery catheter 10 (A). Next, the holding device 19 having the two ends of the holding device assembly 15 is delivered through the delivery catheter 10 to the holding section of the blood vessel 2 adjacent to the aneurysm 4 after the aneurysm 4 is closed by the blood vessel closure coils 8 (B). The holding device 19 is thereafter, detached from an extruding implement 16 by electrolytic detachment from the extruding implement 16 in the state of implanting the holding device 19 to the holding section to prohibit the movement of the blood vessel closure coils 8 between the aneurysm 4 and the blood vessel 2 by the holding device 19.

Kupiecki, David
Teoh, Clifford
Doan, Hong
Gia, Son M.
Engelson, Eric T.
Chee, Uriel Hiram
Bashiri, Mehran
Eder, Joseph C.
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Publication Date:
September 04, 2001
Filing Date:
July 28, 1997
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International Classes:
A61B17/00; A61B17/12; A61F2/06; A61F2/82; A61F2/88; A61L29/00; A61F2/00; (IPC1-7): A61B17/12; A61B17/00; A61M29/00
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山本 秀策