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Japanese Patent JP3467890
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PURPOSE: To surely restrain application liquid from dropping by forming a application liquid storing body with a high liquid-retaining part for blocking the outlet of application liquid and a low liquid-retaining part between the high liquid retaining part and the application body in an application utensil with an application body connected to the application occlusion body in front of the application liquid outlet.
CONSTITUTION: An application body 1 of a rear end knocking-type application utensil is inserted into the tip end penetration hole 3 of a fore shaft 2, so that the rear end of the application body 1 is inserted in the fore portion of an application liquid storing body 5 and the application storing body 5 near the rear end thereof is made a high liquid-retaining part 5c. Also, a seat part 6a is formed underneath the inner wall of a projection cylinder part 6, and the seat part 6a constitutes a valve mechanism in a state being in touch with a valve part 11 provided ore the valve body 11 to be urged backward by a coil spring 10. The projection cylinder part 6 is also inserted in the hind part of the application liquid storing body 5 in its fore part, so that the application liquid outlet near part of the opening end of the projection cylinder part 6 is made a high liquid-retaining part 5a, and the non-compression part is made a low liquid-retaining part 5b.

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Kato, Naoki
Saito, Toshihiro
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Publication Date:
November 17, 2003
Filing Date:
January 30, 1995
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International Classes:
B43L19/00; A45D34/04; B05C17/00; B43K5/08; B43K8/02; B65D83/00; (IPC1-7): B43K8/02; A45D34/04; B05C17/00; B43K5/08; B43L19/00