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Japanese Patent JPH09201223
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To provide an artificial nail, which is similar to a natural nail in an aesthetic sense as well, with no danger in the germ infection of the natural nail by forming the plastic artificial nail, which is adhered onto the natural nail of a human being, from a transparent adhesive part to be adhered onto the natural nail and a non-transparent or semi-transparent extended part similar to the tip of the nail.

Such a plastic artificial nail 4 is composed of a transparent adhesive part 5 to be adhered onto a natural nail 2 and a non-transparent or semi-transparent extended part 6, which is similar to the tip of the natural nail 2, for extending a nail tip 3. The adhesive part 5 and the extended part 6 are integrally formed and the adhesive part 5 is adhered onto the natural nail 2. When mounting the artificial nail 4 onto the natural nail 2, first of all, any artificial nail formed optimum for the nail of a user herself/himself is selected from artificial nails 4 variously formed big and small and its shape such as length and width is arranged as needed. Next, dirt on her/his own nail, namely, on the natural nail 2 is removed by alcohol and sterilized, the instantaneous adhesive agent of cyanoacrylate is applied thereafter, and the artificial nail 4 is fitted and adhered at any prescribed position.

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Publication Date:
August 05, 1997
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January 26, 1996
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A45D31/00; (IPC1-7): A45D31/00
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Ryutaro Fujita