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Japanese Patent JPH01312385
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PURPOSE: To enable precise control of an atmosphere and prevent the heat insulating performance of a heat insulator from being lowered by embedding a shielding plate between an inner layer part of the insulator, covering a furnace chamber, on the furnace chamber side and an outer layer part on the outside of the inner layer part.

CONSTITUTION: A shielding plate 7 is sandwiched between an inner layer part 1a on the side of a furnace chamber 4 and an outer layer part 1b on the outside of the part 1a, and a similar shielding plate 7 is sandwiched between an inner layer part 3a and an outer layer part 3b of a heat insulator for a hearth part 3. The depth at which the shielding plate 7 is embedded is determined in consideration of temperature gradients in the inside of a furnace wall 1 and the hearth part 3 and the heat resistance of the material of the shielding plate 7. Though evaporated components of a binder or the like generated from a body to be fired during firing penetrate into the insulator, further penetration of the evaporated components is inhibited by the shielding plate 7, so that the components can not reach the outer layer parts 1b, 3b. Because the inner layer parts 1a, 3a is brought to high temperatures, the components adhered to the parts are burned completely, so that unrequired evaporated components will not be generated at the time of the subsequent firing.

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December 18, 1989
Filing Date:
June 09, 1988
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International Classes:
C04B35/64; F27D1/00; (IPC1-7): C04B35/64; F27D1/00