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Japanese Patent JPH1189888
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To shift to excretion, balneum and a wheelchair by one bed by dividing the bed into three parts in its width direction for providing outer and inner lying parts and rotate-erecting the outer lying part at a position overt the inner lying part at the time of taking a balneum or riding on a wheelchair and the lying surface of an upper half body part at the time of excretion. SOLUTION: The bed is divided into three parts in its width direction to form the outer and inner lying parts, the outer lying part consists of a moving table and an elevating/lowering frame 7 and the inner lying part consists of an inner lying surface 10, a pedestal 11 and a pedestal bottom 12. Then the moving table is integrally constituted a head side frame and a foot side frame provided with wheels at lower parts by an upper/lower part connecting member and provided sub-frames 3 making one straight line with the head side frame and the foot side frame on the head side frame and the leg side frame. In addition, the frame 7 is constituted in the state of being movable up and down through the fitting of a rack 17 and a pinion gear 16. The surface 10 is housed in this frame 7 to constitute the bed and the pedestal 11 is provided in the state of being movable freely and horizontally so as to ride on a wheel chair in this state.

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April 06, 1999
Filing Date:
September 18, 1997
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A61G7/00; A61G7/02; A61H33/00; (IPC1-7): A61G7/00; A61G7/02; A61H33/00