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Japanese Patent JP3799728
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide belt retractor installation structure capable of improving installation workability by restraining rotation of a belt retractor by pressing force of an installation bolt at the time of bolt-nut fixing the belt retractor.
SOLUTION: It is possible to restrain rotation of a belt retractor 3 by pressing force F of an installation bolt 6 at the time of bolt-nut fixing and to particularly improve installation workability as a projected part 9 to project to the side of a car room is provided in the neighbourhood of an upper edge part of an opening part 4 provided on a pillar inner 2, an upper end part of a bracket 11 for temporary fixing provided on the upper side of a housing 3a of the belt retractor 3 so as to be projected upward is temporarily fixed on a part higher than the projected part 9 of the pillar inner 2, its lower side is deflected and deformed toward the car room side with the projected part 9 as a fulcrum and a bracket 5 for fixing on the lower side of the housing 3a of the belt retractor 3 is devised to make contact with a side surface of an anchor bracket 8 facing against the opening part 4.

Takashi Gazuma
Katsuhisa Ota
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Publication Date:
July 19, 2006
Filing Date:
April 11, 1997
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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
International Classes:
B60R22/24; B62D25/04; B60R22/34; B62D25/20; (IPC1-7): B62D25/04; B60R22/24; B60R22/34; B62D25/20
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Hidekazu Miyoshi
Iwa Saki Kokuni
Akira Kurihara
Kawamata Sumio
Masakazu Ito
Shunichi Takahashi
Toshio Takamatsu