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Japanese Patent JP3657798
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively prevent a powder raw material released from a releasing hole of a canister from being stuck on the inner wall face of a shooter.
SOLUTION: In a tea feeding machine main body, a canister 14 for storing a powder tea T and releasing it by a constant amt. bit by bit is provided and a mixing container 15 for agitating and mixing the powder tea T and hot water and forming tea is provided below it through a square cylindrical shooter 16. A screw device 27 is provided in the inner bottom part of the canister 14 and a releasing hole body 25 having a cylindrical shape projected forward and being an outlet for the powder tee T is provided on the bottom end part of the front face of the canister 14. An inclined part 28 with a shape wherein the bottom part just before the apex opening part 25a is raised obliquely upward is formed on the releasing hole body 25 and a guide 29 for guiding the powder tea T so as to make the powder tea T fall through the center of the shooter 16 is provided ahead. An opening 25b is provided on the top part side of the releasing hole body 25 and a heater 30 for dehumidification is provided above the opening.

Akihiro Sato
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June 08, 2005
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January 29, 1999
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Hoshizaki Electric Co., Ltd.
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G07F13/00; B67D1/07; G07F13/06; (IPC1-7): B67D1/07; G07F13/00
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Arisa Ushiro