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Japanese Patent JPH1047240
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To continuously supply pressure intensified liquid without generating pulsation by respectively connecting respective high pressure side discharge ports to a single outflow port, and constituting a booster pump by having plural boosters mutually different in the operation timing of reciprocating motion of respective pistons.

A pump main body 66 is driven by an electric motor 68, and when a working fluid is started to be sent to respective boosters 12, 14 and 16, since the working fluid is supplied to a right side cylinder chamber of respective low pressure side cylinders 50, 72 and 74 through respective directional control valves 48, 58 and 62, respective pistons 22, 24 and 26 move leftward. When a proximity switch 52c for the third booster 16 is operated according to a leftward movement of the piston 22, the third directional control valve 62 is switched by a controller 28, and the working fluid is inversely supplied to a left side cylinder chamber by the low pressure side cylinder 74 of the third booster 16, and the piston 26 starts to move in the rightward direction. Hereafter, the actuating direction of the respective boosters 14 and 12 is similarly switched, and liquid is supplied without pulsation.

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February 17, 1998
Filing Date:
August 01, 1996
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F04B23/06; F04B11/00; F15B11/028; (IPC1-7): F04B23/06; F04B11/00; F15B11/028
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酒井 伸司