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Japanese Patent JPH01314690
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PURPOSE:To enable movement of considerable volume of earth by constructing an earth collector/transporter such that it is towed by a bottom earth pressure feeding vessel then bottom earth and sand are scooped through buoyancy being subjected to the sand itself and contained into a bag floating on the water surface 1. CONSTITUTION:A scooper 11 is coupled through a towing chain 15 while an earth transporter 27 and a floater 20 are coupled through a coupling chain 16 with a bottom earth pressure feeding vessel 2 then they are towed powerfully by the vessel 2 in order to fill the earth into a bag 40 and transport the earth. The scooper 11 and the transporter 27 are hoisted respectively in front and rear of the floater 20 by means of hoists 23, 24. The earth fed through the transporter 27 is injected with water through nozzles or propellers 35 at the inlet of a boat 30 having spherical end to produce aqueous earth solution which is fed through the water flow into the bag 40. In other words, the earth is lifted over the water face and slipped on the water with approximately halved weight because of the buoyancy, and tidal energy or river flow energy is utilized.

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Publication Date:
December 19, 1989
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June 14, 1988
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E02F5/28; B63B25/04; B63B35/00; (IPC1-7): B63B25/04; B63B35/00; E02F5/28