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Japanese Patent JPH0675523
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PURPOSE: To obtain a braille nameplate which can be attached to even an attaching part having a bent surface shape without requiring a bending work and is free from the anxiety that it is floated from the attaching part to injure the fingers of a blind man.

CONSTITUTION: A nameplate 11 is formed with a synthetic resin material so that it is bent with the same radius as the curved surface of the surface plate and six grooves 11a are provided per character of braille points. Grooves 11a are formed as recessed parts like truncated cones, which do not pierce the nameplate 11 up to the surface side, and are provided with small grooves 11b, which are used to position the cones at the time of holing, in the centers of top faces. When a braille point 12 is constituted, the cone is inserted to the required groove 11a from the rear side and is positioned by the groove 11a and is thrust, and the top face part is removed to allow the groove 11a of pierce the nameplate up to the surface side, and a ball 13 is buried in the groove 11a so that a part of the ball 13 projects from the surface of the nameplate 11, and a both-sided adhesive tape 5 is stuck to the whole of the rear face of the nameplate.

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Publication Date:
March 18, 1994
Filing Date:
August 28, 1992
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B41M3/16; G09B21/00; (IPC1-7): G09B21/00; B41M3/16
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Inomata Shoaki

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