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Japanese Patent JP2005273201
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To provide a safety building by dividing a base platform platform for placing a heavy member into units, assembling them at a destination to reduce the weight in transportation and enabling construction of a strong structure when they are assembled.

The base platform composed of a plurality of base platform constituting units capable of being separated and connected is connected by a connecting means, and the base platform is constituted so that a deformation is not generated even when the heavy article is placed on the top face of a connecting section in the case of a connection. The top face is composed of rail sections, and each unit is constituted so that there are one or more of the units not opposed besides a base platform unit, to which all wheels for the heavy article are opposed. The central axis of a rotation of the heavy article is not moved horizontally and all base platform constituting units can be exchanged without removing a heavy-article placing holder in the case of the exchange of the base platform. A protector-functional member is mounted to a part of a base platform periphery as an earthquake countermeasure.

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October 06, 2005
Filing Date:
March 23, 2004
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E04B1/346; E04B1/36; F24J2/46; F24J2/54; (IPC1-7): E04B1/346; E04B1/36; F24J2/46