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Japanese Patent JP2006025777
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To meet such a request that a product by which excrement of a dog is caught, before the excrement reaches a surface of a road or a floor, and which prevents the hand from being soiled is wanted.

As for this product, a clip is formed out of a rigid plastic so that grips thereof are ordinarily opened at an angle of about 70° by force of a spring, top parts thereof are closed, and insertion openings for a cartridge-type excrement catching bag are each formed on tips of the top parts. The cartridge-type excrement catching bag is prepared so that a bag which directly catches the excrement and has a width of about 20 cm and a depth of about 17 cm is formed out of polyethylene, and then plates which are made of a plastic rich in elasticity are adhered to an opening of the bag along peripheral areas thereof in a range of about two thirds of the width of the bag. One of ends of each of the plastic plates is worked to have an insertion part which is inserted into the insertion opening of the clip, and therefore the plastic plates are easily attached to and detached from the clip. When the grips are tightly grasped after the bag is attached to the clip, the plastic plates are bent, so that the bag is opened out and formed into an approximate circular shape. Then, the excrement is caught, by attaching the opened bag to the rump of the dog. Further, the opening of the bag is closed, by releasing the grips from being grasped. Therefore, the excrement is taken home without anxiety, by winding the bag in which the excrement is received around the plastic plates and preventing a stench from being vented.

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February 02, 2006
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July 21, 2004
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