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Japanese Patent JPH06335599
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PURPOSE: To save such trouble as a worker replaces clothes with his hands, and to continuously execute each processing by moving successively clothes to a solvent collecting chamber, a clothes steaming chamber and a clothes drying chamber provided successively in the clothes revolving direction.

CONSTITUTION: By driving a clothes revolving conveyor 2, clothes A hung to a hanging chain 12 are revolved and moved successively to a solvent collecting chamber 3, a clothes steaming chamber 4 and a clothes drying chamber 5 formed successively on a clothes revolving route. Subsequently, after the clothes A are carried into the solvent collecting chamber 3, solvent and moisture stuck to the clothes A are evaporated by an air current heated to a suitable temperature, and also, the solvent and the moisture contained in the air current are separated and collected by a solvent collecting means. Next, after the clothes A are carried into the clothes steaming chamber 4, the whole clothes are humidified by vapor heated to a suitable temperature and subjected to steam processing. Thereafter, after the clothes A are carried into the clothes drying chamber 5, the whole clothes are subjected to drying processing by hot air heated to a suitable temperature.

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Publication Date:
December 06, 1994
Filing Date:
May 28, 1993
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International Classes:
D06B15/00; D06F43/00; D06F58/10; D06F58/12; (IPC1-7): D06F58/12; D06B15/00; D06F43/00; D06F58/10
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Yoshiaki Nagata