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Japanese Patent JP3218955
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve the finish of press by displacing a movable plate toward the side of fixed plate, holding an object to be pressed between a presser and a slide board and making the displacement amount between the presser plate and slide board to be displaced change between setting time and holding time.
SOLUTION: In the case of pressing, a lever 16 is turned upward to be released from a lever receiver 15 and a movable plate 13 is opened at a prescribed angle. Then, trousers are set on a cushion body 14 while being shaped up. Next, the movable plate 13 is displaced toward the side of fixed plate 12, and the trousers are sandwiched successively upward from the bottom edge parts. Then, the inner leg part of trousers is held between a presser 18 and a slide board 19. When the movable plate 13 is further displaced toward the side of fixed plate 12, holding force is increased, the slide board 19 is slid upward by the energizing force of presser 18, the inner leg part is pulled, and the crease is removed. In this case, the lever 16 is locked and temporarily held on the lever receiver 15. Correspondingly to this displacement of slide board 19, the displacement amount between the presser 18 and slide board 19 to be displaced is set so as to be changed between the set time and pressing time, and finish quality is improved.

Nakai, Atsuhito
Ishikawa, Keiji
Hanada, Toru
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Publication Date:
October 15, 2001
Filing Date:
December 19, 1995
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D06F71/29; (IPC1-7): D06F71/29
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岩橋 文雄 (外2名)