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Japanese Patent JP3430320
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PURPOSE: To simplify the structure and reduce the cost by attachably and detachably connecting connecting rods to both lateral ends of a main rod, and further auxiliary rods, as occasion demands, to the outsides of the connecting rods by extension method.
CONSTITUTION: Connecting rods 3 are extended and connected to both lateral ends of a main rod 2, and auxiliary rods 4 are extended and connected to the respective outer ends of the connecting rods 2 to extend the whole length, and a kimono is hung thereon. When the cloth hanger is not used, the connecting rods 3 are removed from the main rod 2, and the auxiliary rods 4 are successively removed from the connecting rods 3. These connecting rods 3 and auxiliary rods 4 are housed and held between both support arms 9 under the main rod 2. At housing, the two connecting rods 3 are held in double-end support state by vertical first holding parts 12. One-side ends of the two auxiliary rods 4 are cantilever-held by the second holding parts 14 of the support arms 9, and set in such a manner that the other ends of both the auxiliary rods 4 are laterally separated and mutually opposed between the support arms 9.

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Ozaki, Hiromichi
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Publication Date:
July 28, 2003
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March 14, 1994
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A47G25/44; (IPC1-7): A47G25/44
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折寄 武士