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Japanese Patent JP2021097644
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To solve a problem in prior arts in which a tail pipe is arranged in a linear state with respect to an SCR, so the tail pipe interferes with a grain tank, and therefore capacity of the grain tank is reduced.SOLUTION: A combine is configured so that, a thresher 3 is provided on one side above a machine frame 1 comprising on a lower part thereof, a travel unit 2, a grain tank 5 is provided on the other side, a steering part 6 is provided on a front part of the grain tank 5, and a reaping unit 4 is provided on a front part of the machine frame 1. In the combine, a DPF 16 of an exhaust emission control unit 15 for purifying an exhaust gas of an engine 11 provided below a driver seat of the steering part 6, is provided between the thresher 3 and the grain tank 5, the DPF 16 is formed into a longitudinal shape in a cross direction, a silencer 26 is fitted to a rear part of the DPF 16, and a base exhaust pipe 27 of the tail pipe 22 is fitted to the silencer 26.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

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July 01, 2021
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December 23, 2019
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Junichiro Shinseki
Chiaki Shinseki

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