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Japanese Patent JP3635623
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a commodity display unit which can be installed in various kinds of commodity display shelves having different dimensional widths in the lateral direction, and by which a commodity display space on the commodity display shelf can be effectively used, and also, which can prevent a wrong placing of commodity partition boards from occurring, and by which a smooth forward pulling-out wherein even a commodity having a high gravity center does not fall forward is made possible.
SOLUTION: This commodity display unit has a large number of rollers 5 bridged on a forward pulling-out main body 4c having an approx. square shape, and a plurality of commodity forward pulling out machines 1a-1d which move commodities on the large number of rollers 5 to a commodity take-out section side. Then, the commodity display unit comprises a side partition plate 2a which slidably engages with a fastening protuberance section on the rear surface of the commodity forward pulling out machine located at one side end, in the lateral direction, in a range of 0.5-50 mm, and partitions both side ends, and a commodity partition plate 3 which divides a forward pulling out main body 1 in the longitudinal direction in parallel.

大澤 真一
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April 06, 2005
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July 27, 1999
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A47F1/12; B65G13/00; (IPC1-7): A47F1/12
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赤塚 賢次
福田 保夫