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Japanese Patent JPH0777187
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PURPOSE: To stably supply a lubricating oil to a compressing mechanism section irrespective of the longitudinal, lateral and oblique installation states of a compressor by connecting a discharge pipe to discharge high pressure refrigerant gas in a motor chamber outside a closed case and a machine chamber through a pressure introducing pipe having an openable valve.

CONSTITUTION: The inside of a closed case 11 is partitioned into a motor chamber 15 accommodating a motor 12 and a machine chamber 16 accommodating a compressing mechanism section 13 by a partition member 17. A communicating hole 17a is clrilledly provided in the partition member 17 to introduce a lubricating oil in the motor chamber 15 into the machine chamber 16. In addition, the machine chamber 16 is arrangedly provi.ded with a gear pump 32 to supply the lubricating oil 40 in the closed chamber 11 to the compressing mechanism section. On the other harud, high pressure refrigerant gas discharged into the motor chamber 15 is discharged outside the closed case 11 through a discharge pipe 37. The mid-way part of the discharge pipe 37 and the machine chamber 16 are mutually connected through a pressure introducing pipe 38, and suction effect generated by high tension working fluid is utilized to keep the machine chamber 16 higher in pressure than the motor chamber 15 and to open and close the pressure introducing pipe 38 by an openable valve 39.

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Publication Date:
March 20, 1995
Filing Date:
September 07, 1993
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International Classes:
F04C29/02; (IPC1-7): F04C29/02
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
鈴江 武彦

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