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Japanese Patent JP3913615
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a construction method improving work efficiency markedly, performing stable delivery and minimizing the reinforcement of an existing structure.
SOLUTION: In this construction method for delivering the structure 1 by the joint use of a delivery mechanism 3 and a traction mechanism 4, the tension of a guide member W used for the traction mechanism 4 is detected, and the structure 1 is delivered by the delivery mechanism 3 and the traction mechanism 4 while maintaining the tension of the guide member W in a prescribed state.

Masataka Kaku
Hiroyuki Ikeda
Taku Egusa
Ryoichi Takii
Naoki Mori
Keiji Hadano
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Publication Date:
May 09, 2007
Filing Date:
June 06, 2002
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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd.
Otaki Jack Co., Ltd.
Ryoichi Engineering Co., Ltd.
East Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.
Central Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.
West Japan Expressway Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
E01D21/00; (IPC1-7): E01D21/00
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Tadashi Takahashi
Masatake Shiga
Masakazu Aoyama
Masayu Horiuchi
Noriharu Fujita
Bunri Sugiura
Noriharu Fujita
Tadashi Takahashi
Masakazu Aoyama